ConvertReaching qualified customers only counts when you convert them into sales. That’s why we keep our look clean and elegant. We don’t let design get in the way of generating sales.

Designed to sell

Focus on your business. We’ll handle the ad. DartzMedia’s expert design team is available to create ads that don’t just communicate your message, but actually persuade buyers. Best of all, these premium design services are included with your advertising placement.

At home or on the go

Offers Magazine and MyPassbook deliver messaging flexibility with pinpoint target efficiency. Produced to encourage conversion and help you retain loyal customers.

Offers Magazine

Our heavier 9-inch square magazine stock gives your advertising message the kind of premium setting it deserves.

DFW Offers Magazine

My Passbook

Get on-the-go reach. These 5-inch square, bound cards with easy-tear perforations fits neatly in a purse.

My Passbook Houston