DFW My Passbook

DFW MyPassbookAlthough more men clip today, guys appear less likely than women to do so a regular basis. In a survey conducted for Coupons.com, 59 percent of men said they had used a coupon compared with 78 percent for women. That’s why we created My Passbook by DFW Offers.

Powerful target. Higher value.

My Passbook by DFW Offers help you target affluent homeowners and consumers for pennies per household. Its unique 5-inch square size makes My Passbook easy to carry. Its easy-tear out pages make redemption a snap. Best of all, My Passbook is mailed to 150,000 top 10% homes in the Metroplex.

  • Better size: Our 5-inch square design is one of a kind; easy to carry along
  • Better quality: Printed on 100 lb cover stock looks and feels like a high end publication
  • Better design: Easy to carry, easy to use—content organized by category

Seven advantages of My Passbook by DFW Offers

  1. No more “loose cards” with only one chance to get a lead
  2. No difficult cellophane wrappers, easy to open
  3. Longer shelf life similar to magazines
  4. Perforated pages for “easy tear” advertisements
  5. Exact CD size is handy, easy to keep and use anywhere
  6. Discriminating buyers love the high quality paper and design
  7. Organized by category for easy searches
  8. Mailed to 150,000 top 10% owner-occupied homes in the Metroplex

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