Houston Offers Magazine

HOU-SW-Nov_3The top 20% most affluent homeowners in the US spend almost half the nation’s discretionary income, according to the Wall Street Journal. Their spending is focused on  on home remodeling, cars, trips, fine dining, spas, health wellness and entertainment.

A low risk, high value option

Our local direct mail Offers magazines help you target affluent homeowners and consumers for pennies per household. Houston Offers in the ONLY publication in Houston Metro Area that is direct mailed every month EXCLUSIVELY to the Top 20% of all home owners.

  • Better size: Our 9-inch square design is one of a kind; stands out in the crowd!
  • Better quality: Our 100 lb paper for the magazine cover looks and feels like a high end content magazine
  • Better design: We keep our pages clean and simple with included professional design so your ad performs

Why promote your goods, products or services with Houston Offers?

  1. Branding: We make your business look better
  2.  Reach: 275,000 copies mailed to the most affluent owner-occupied homes
  3. Frequency: monthly circulation keeps your brand fresh and visible
  4. Shelf life: Consumers keep quality magazines longer; more reads, more leads
  5. Geo-Targeted: Choose from 5 different zones of 55,000 homes
  6. Affordable: Values start at less than a penny per home
  7. Flexible: Budget for a 1/4, a 1/2, a full page or a 2 page spread
  8. Efficient: Our professionals will build the ads, you focus on your business

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